Estate Agent Introduction

Welcome to the bond origination module for independent real estate agents.

Qoob offers real estate agents the opportunity to earn 0.5% commission on successful home loans captured via their ‘Bondfin’ mortgage bond aggregation cluster.

All participating agents need do is submit their client’s contact details via a simple online form ( - from their mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

In addition, estate agents can also earn 0.1% commission on all the successful bonds of fellow estate agents they refer to us. This is unique in South Africa.

Do the numbers and see how much extra you can earn. It’s a whole new parallel income stream for innovative agents to earn residual income for life!

What’s more, blacklisted clients can also be assisted – we specialise in converting bank declines into approvals by clearing their ITC credit profiles.

This business model is that of a mutual co-operative - essentially ‘owned’ by participating estate agents who are serious about creating wealth.

No Forms - We do all the Client Liaison and Admin, providing effective and efficient Feedback to both the estate agent and the buyer.

All the Banks - Multiple Submissions from a Single Application form to all the financial institutions offering home loans in SA.

For further information, visit right now. Alternatively, contact us today (as per the details below).

Qoob Mortgage Aggregators
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